Finding The Right Beard Shape For Your Face

Finding The Right Beard Shape For Your Face

Sometimes it can be hard to decide what to do with your facial hair...

Here is a simple guide that might help you out based on the shape of your face! Of course, it ultimately comes down to what makes you feel confident and comfortable with your beard. 

Face Shape

Rectangular: Full Beard or Extended Goatee

Round: Goatee or Chin Strap - anything that draws attendtion to the chin

Square: Chinstrap or Mustache or Goatee and Mustache (avoid full beard)

Diamond: You can probably pull off either a full beard or a minimal style (mustache or goatee)

Triangle: Chin strap or Goatee. You can also pair either of those with a simple mustache

So start playing around with different styles and see what suits you best! We hope this simple guide gave you somewhere to start or some new ideas. 

With season changes, come beard changes - be creative and have fun with it!



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